Digipak is the most popular packaging for Compact Discs. The disc is held by a clear plastic hub/tray. Digipak packaging standards are 4 panels and 6 panels although 8 panels or other custom configurations are also possible.

Digipak is now also used widely on DVD disc packaging (DVDigipak). Digipak is a very versatile format that can accomodate various customized layouts and packaging. Some instant possibilities are Insert Booklets, Digipak with Cutouts, Digipak with Pockets, Resealable Digipaks, Multi-disc Digipaks and many more. Contact our Specialists at 408-293-7770 for assistance on Digipak layout and packaging options.

Digipak packaging is slimmer than the previously more popular and standard Jewel case. Download our free Digipak Templates.