Blu Ray

Cypress Media is a Blu-ray disc replicator and duplicator. We are your true one-stop shop for Blu-ray disc replication and duplication, catering to short run small quantity to high volume Blu-ray disc orders.

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Cypress Media offers Blu-ray Replication and Duplication

We can service all aspects of the project from Blu-ray menu authoring, disc design and printing to packaging and retail boxing. Blu-ray discs have a data capacity of 25GB and 50GB.

Blu-ray Replication

Replication is the preferred process for high volume Blu-ray orders, a glass master is created to replicate to tens of thousands of BD-R discs using replicator machines. More: Blu-ray Replication info

Blu-ray Duplication

Duplication is the preferred method for small quantity Blu-ray orders. Everything is done in house with our Blu-ray duplicators, including on-disc printing and packaging. We have the best Blu-ray duplication system that is capable to deliver thousand disc orders in record time. More Blu-ray Duplication info

We specialize in CD and DVD disc replication. For low volume, our CD and DVD disc duplication service is the best in the industry. We are your one-stop shop for CD and DVD authoring/encoding, printing and retail ready packaging of music, movies/videos and software/data projects. Browse our USB Flash Drives products and services. Our disc manufacturing process is 100% guaranteed by industry standard quality testing designed to check and verify your replicated discs.